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Two icons in the same socio-economic space with similar connotations. What if they collaborated?

A play on the iconic auto brand Rolls-Royce and legendary furniture designer Jean Royère, the Rolls-Royère combines both passion points into one.

I worked with
Josh Chavez to render the Rolls-Royère as a realistic piece, shown here created as accurately as possible, featuring similar alpaca upholstery and wood framing as the original Ours Polaire sofa.

The concept is rounded out with a limited run of vintage automotive inspired hats, custom made for temporary.company. The hats are made of 100% nylon taslan for a non-structured look, feature the Rolls-Royère wordmark on the front and the Rolls-Royère logo flip on the right side.

$45 +S&H

here for a good time, not a long time.